never lose your amazon advertising data again

We’re your one-stop data warehouse for Amazon Advertising. Custom data aggregation solutions could cost millions of dollars to develop on top of the added cost and hassle of finding technical personnel, and deploying a custom platform. We’ll take care of all that for you so you can focus on what you do best, selling great products or helping companies that do.

  • First 1000 records free
  • $1/month/1000 additional records
  • Set a custom cap for costs/records stored

save the data you need,
pay for what you keep

Just need your keywords? Cool, we can do that. Only interested in Product Ads? Easy enough. Want to save all of your data? We’ve got you covered. AdSync allows you to save only the data you need to help keep your costs down, and only spend money where your data is most valuable. Save your Amazon Advertising data from any one or all of the following data types:

  • Profiles
  • Campaigns
  • Ad Groups
  • Portfolios
  • Expanded Placements
  • Ad Group Biddable Keywords
  • Ad Group Negative Keywords
  • Campaign Negative Keywords
  • Sponsored Brands Negative Keywords
  • Suggested Keywords
  • Product Ads
  • Product Targeting
  • Bidding Controls
  • Bid Recommendations
  • Campaign Reports
  • Ad Group Reports
  • Keyword Reports
  • Product Ad Reports
  • Target Reports

tuned to your frequency

AdSync allows you to decide how often your data is synchonized with Amazon’s Advertising API servers. Just want to make sure that your historical data is being saved? Monthly updates should be enough. Want to download exports every week? Use the weekly option. Need to check in with your team every day? We’ve got you covered. AdSync offers several options to help you stay ahead of your advertising goals.

  • Monthly (default)
  • Weekly ($5/month/1000 records)
  • Daily ($20/month/1000 records)

to each their
own (database)

AdSync goes to extraordinary lengths to protect and organize your data. While most Amazon Advertising products cluster your advertising data into a single database with thousands of other users, AdSync deploys one database per customer. Our "multi-tenant" design makes your data more compact, more portable, easier to export, and faster to access and enumerate. This design also makes it easier for customers try out new beta features and platforms that are not yet be publicly available.

  • One database per customer
  • Faster database transactions
  • Easily export all of your data as SQL
  • Better data integrity
  • Quickly adopt bleeding-edge beta features

export to your heart's content

Want to review your data? Need a CSV for the marketing department? Done using AdSync for now, and want to take your data with you? AdSync offers 5 free exports of all your monthly data. Beyond that you’re welcome to continue exporting your data as much as you need to for a nominal cost relative to the amount of data exported. Don’t worry, we've got you covered.

  • 5 exports/month free
  • Additional exports $1/10,000 records
  • CSV or SQL formats

cut the noise,
boost the signal

Sure that you don’t need records older than 6 months? Just adjust the max record age to remove the older stuff. Is 3 months of data enough? Just tell us and we’ll take care of it. Want to keep your data forever? No problem, we’re happy to do that for you. Don’t worry, if you select an option that would remove some of your existing data, we’ll be sure to ask you before we delete it for good.

built to last,
priced to move

AdSync not only revolutionizes how Amazon Advertising data is stored and used, but also drastically reduces your operational costs. You no longer need to dedicate valuable marketing personnel to the tedious task of pulling hundreds of reports on a daily basis. We charge you only for the total number of records saved for your Amazon merchange profiles, based on the frequency with which you pull data.

  • Base Pricing
  • First 1000 records free
  • $1/month/1000 additional records
  • Data refreshed monthly
  • 5 exports/month free
  • Additional exports $1/10,000 records
  • Frequency Pricing
  • Weekly ($5/month/1000 records)
  • Daily ($20/month/1000 records)

keep up with the joneses,
Stay in the loop

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Let's build something extraordinary

Interested in becoming an AdSync design partner? We're currently accepting applications for our pre-release alpha platform, and we'd love for you to be a part of it. Simply tell us a bit about your company, and why you're interested in using AdSync. We'll follow up with you to get the ball rolling.

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