Privacy Notice

Last updated July 16, 2019

Information We Collect

We collect only as much information as is necessary to be able to enhance your experience on this website or across our platforms, products and applications. For example we store your email address and personal information as provided by users in the signup process.

We may also save user ip addresses, operating system type and architecture, and other information passed by a web request in order to later confirm that user accounts are consistently signing in from the same devices and locations, and haven't been misused or accessed from unauthorized sources.

Sharing Information with Third Parties

We do not share any collected personal information whatsoever with partners or third parties unless expressly authorized by the user. An example of information shared with third parties might be a secret key provided by the user to authenticate with a third-party API on behalf of the user. There are no other instances in which AdSync shares user information with third parties.

Protecting Personal Information

AdSync takes extraordinary steps to secure and protect the data and personal information of its users, clients and customers, as well as its own internal data and custom software.

All data collected by AdSync is stored and backed up on secure servers with Amazon AWS, which enforces dozens of national and international data security and privacy programs across its platforms. You can learn more about the specific security compliance measures implemented by AWS here.

All company or employee computers that may store information of any kind are required to implement disk-level encryption, requiring a password to decrypt the disk prior to being able to gain access to stored data. This means that even if a computer is lost or stolen, a bad actor would need to decrypt the storage devices on the machine prior to being able to gain access to sensitive system data.

Optional Participation

Many of our offerings, services, newsletters, and other business processes are completely optional for users and are not required in order to use the products and services provided by AdSync. We offer express opt-in/opt-out opportunities wherever possible via the settings interface in your user account.

In circumstances where we may be providing a product or service that is highly customized and not generally available for public use (custom enterprise system deployments, for example), we can furnish a customized form upon request detailing specific messages and notifications users may want to receive in conjunction with the product being furnished.


We take extraordinary steps to ensure that no passwords are ever stored in plain text format. Passwords are encrypted with the most durable encryption algorithms available, and we always err on the side of caution, utilizing extremely high entropy for encrypted data even when it may lead to minor slowdowns in the normal application workflow.

Third Party Secret Keys

In some instances you may be required to provide us with "secret" key values furnished by third party providers such as Amazon or Google in order to interact with third party APIs or other services that require us to authenticate your identity on your behalf. These secrets are also stored in an encrypted state wherever possible.

Secure HTTP Transport (SSL)

By default our webservers require all users to access our public-facing web properties via HTTPS, guaranteeing an encrypted connection between each user's browser and the server that delivers the information.


Currently we do not use cookies across any of our sites to gather or store information about the client or the client's browser. In the future we may implement cookies in order to gather usage data and enhance user experience (such as to track preferences for primary language and default user settings). If or when we do implement cookies we will alert users of any changes that have been made regarding data being collected and expressly request consent to collect any data that isn't expressly required for normal usage of webpages and applications.

EU-US and Swiss-US Privacy Shield

Application infrastructure for AdSync is provided by Amazon AWS, which is a member of the EU-US and Swiss-US Privacy Shield programs. You can learn more about AWS Privacy Shield compliance here.

AdSync is not directly a member of the EU-US or Swiss-US Privacy Shield programs, but plans to implement Privacy Shield compliance and apply for formal certification at some point in the future.

Revisions and Changes

We strive to keep our privacy policy as current as possible as the day-to-day operations of our business and products grow and change over time. If you have opted in to receiving communication regarding changes to our Privacy Notice, you will receive a message via email each time a new revision is published.

Questions or Concerns

You may forward any questions or concerns regarding this privacy notice, additional privacy concerns you may have, or any of the information or policies detailed within this notice by email to our dedicated privacy manager via We will generally respond to emails within 24 hours.

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